Copying Programs to Your Calculator Manually:

Note: Only BASIC programs may be copied manually. ASM programs can NOT be copied.

1) Download the TI graphlink software here:

2) Download BASIC programs. You can find them at the TI-86 World (Click the Programs button to your left and select BASIC) and many other sites like (

3) Unzip the programs that you downloaded.

4) Open the Graphlink software.

5) Click "Open". Select the program you downloaded and click OK.

6) Turn on your calculator. Press the [PRGM] key. Now press [F2].

7) Type in a name for your new program and hit [ENTER].

8) Copy the file shown on the computer to our calculator EXACTLY how it is shown. The calculator is case-sensitive.

Note: To create a new line, hit [ENTER]. All lines begin with a ':'. To insert a line that you missed, press [F5] (Which corresponds to "INSc"). If you exit the program editor, to get back into the program you were copying press [PRGM], [F2], then select your program using [F1]-[F5] and [MORE]. Hit enter and you should be back in.

9) When you are totally finished, press [EXIT]. To run the program, press [PRGM], [F1], then select your program using [F1]-[F5] and [MORE]. Press enter and it will run. The first time after you edit the program, it may take a while to start depending on how large the program is.

For help with this, please e-mail me at Good luck!