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Where did it come from? What does it do? All your questions about the Ensign C. Enigma will be answered in these revealing pages! Oh yeah, spread the word about the elusive Ensign wherever you go! Put his name on walls! In halls! On lunchroom tables! Let the world know!

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Where does he come from?

Intelligence reports that they first discovered this interesting being near the Imperial Klingon Council building on Kronos. His species is unknown; he appears to work for Klingons but physically seems human. The following is real footage captured by Federation spies.
Ensign C. in front of the Klingon Council building on Kronos

Update! We have just been informed by a trustworthy source that Ensign C. is a human working as a spy for the Klingons. His first language was Klingon, and he is the first being to document all of the basic translations from English to Klingon and back.
Ensign C. is visible in the upper left of his dictionary's cover

When does he come from?

Though he jumps back and forwards through time, he appears to have originated in the 23rd century (Information gathered by the Federation timeship USS Relativity).
Image captured a year after the first by a Federation shuttle with a captured Klingon cloaking device

What is his purpose?

It seems that Ensign C. has come back to the 21st century in order to promote Star Trek... not only his favorite show, but his favorite reality! He is attempting to demonstrate the existance of the as yet undiscovered Star Trek species, before First Contact! His secondary mission has clearly been to publicly humiliate the Harry Potter series, which he claims is the root of all evil.
Ensign C.'s mental image of Harry Potter, obtained from a mind meld

Where has he been sighted?

Ensign C. has been sighted in various areas of Pittsburgh, PA in the United States during the early 21st century. Apparently he was sent to this time period in order to learn to drive. According to an ancient video monitoring system, Ensign C.'s true origins leaked out in the Driver's Ed class. Fortunately for the future of mankind, no one seems to believe the story yet. About Ensign C.'s driving training, he would never have passed without "checking answers" with two of his fellow Star Trek fans. He was later transported into the 22nd century to learn to pilot Klingon warships. Intelligence reports that he has been detected in scans of a 24th century Bird of Prey variant.
Ensign C. as seen through the lens of a 21st century video recording device in Driver's Ed cerca November 27, 2001 at 8:34.27

Misc. Ensign Stuff

Ensign C's favorite book:
The well-known Klingon version of Hamlet, written (of course) in Klingon
"You have not experienced Shakespere until you have read it in the original Klingon"

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His ID is revealed!

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