Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find a copy of the TI-86 User's Guide?

Now that TI has redone it's calculatotor section, the online copy of the users guide has been moved to

How do I put special characters into a BASIC program?

Using a program called Charmap (Available from in the TI-86 ASM Misc. programs section) you can recall special characters into a BASIC program.

How do I run assembly programs?

From the home screen type "Asm(programname" without the quotes, where programname is the name of the assembly program. The name of the program is case sensitive, so make sure it is typed in correctly.

How do I send programs to my calculator?

In order to send programs to your calculator, you must have a TI-Graphlink. The black link (for Windows users) can be bought from Texas Instruments' online store for about $20 or from Dimension TI's Purchasing section for about $17. You can also get the grey link (for Windows AND Macintosh) from those two sites, but it is more expensive. If you don't want to buy a graph link, click here to learn how to copy programs to your calculator manually.

Once you have a graphlink, install the software that came with it. Then run the program. You should see a new window, empty except for a window resembling a calculator keyboard and an empty window like the on displayed below.

Now, click the Help menu and select Contents. Read this help file to learn how to use the graph link.

How do I manually copy programs to my calculator?

Click here for full instructions.