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Note: There isn't much organization here. Individuals create their own programs, perhaps asking other members for help. The programs are then posted on the Parasoft Productions web site.

Positions and their Responsibilities:
TI-8x Programmer May program anything that will not harm a user's calculator, and that is (for the most part) appropriate for younger children. These programs will be posted on the Parasoft Productions page along with a description of the project, a screenshot, and the author's name.
Reviewer Writes descriptions for items in the Program Archives, and may take screenshots. May also write full length reviews for them.
Porter If an author of a Parasoft program grants permission, a porter may modify the code so that it will run on another model calculator and submit it to Parasoft Productions.

Submissions - To submit a program, port, or review send it to I am able to recieve html and attachments.

Note to programmers and porters - You will reserve the right to your program; you will be able to remove it from Parasoft Productions at any time you wish. I ask that, if you make a credits screen, you mention Parasoft Productions. This too is optional, but it would be greatly appreciated.