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Any submition forms used from 6/29/01 to 7/1/01 including "applications" to join the TI-86 World or submit feedback or links may have been lost due to a failure at Crosswinds, my old e-mail provider. I have moved to a new one.


This site has been moved again, this time to Tripod. Of course, you can still reach it at www.ti86world.cjb.net.


The TI-86 World has been moved from Spaceports.com to Crosswinds.net due to their addition of an enormous, ugly ad frame (that seriously takes up 20% of the entire window) which is more annoying than the Geocities ad area. Please use the feedback form below to report any broken links; I haven't checked them all yet ;).


Updated The Rogue's TI-BASIC Tutorial, and fixed a couple of errors. Sorry :}


The section of the program archives for games #A-B is complete. The Parasoft Productions page has been updated. Nova Quest, which was originally intended to be fully graphical, will now feature text graphics to improve speed.


Finished describing/rating all of the blackjack games. The best was "BJack II" by Justin Pope. Download it from the BASIC games page in th program archives.


Updated(?) the Members page.


Descriptions and ratings have been added to all BASIC games before the "Blackjack section".


Updated two BASIC games, and added a few more descriptions.


All of the pages on this site were rewritten to work better in other browsers. I still reccomend IE 5.5 or higher, but any browser with good CSS support should do nicely.


All BASIC Games beginning with #, A, and B now have screenshots. Also...

The first four chapters of The Rogue's TI-86 BASIC Tutorial have been written and uploaded! Check it out by clicking the tab labeled "Basic" on the lefthand navigation bar. Notify me of any mistakes that you find be filling out the quick feedback form at the bottom of this page.


More screenshots added.


My e-mail address has been changed to andrewmatta@ti86world.cjb.net. This came about as a result of a long line of failures by large companies... Anyway, the "Join" form was not working because two companies failed (My e-mail company and the form mail one). It should be working now. And hopefully it will remain that way. Sorry to those of you that signed up and took so long to receive a response. A feedback form was also added at the bottom of this page. It is much easier than using e-mail.


A program was finally added to the Text Files Archive. It is my own, but its still a program ;) Yep, you guessed it: It's version 1.2 of Super Math Quiz (Stop groaning already), and I don't expect anyone to download it. It does, however, work and, being in text format, it was made for people without Graph-Links to copy manually to their calculators. If anyone has created a program and would like to share the source in text format, please E-mail me by clicking the link at the bottom of the page. Thanks.


Wow, this is hard. Added 11 new programs to the BASIC Games Archive. I'd appreciate feedback.


I updated the Links Archive today. TiGalaxy and TI-Files were removed as they have been dead for a while.


The GameShow (83+) has been added to Parasoft Productions.


Added Astro Fighter, CarTrack 86, Craps, and SMASHO to the TI-86 BASIC games archive.


11 additional screenshots have been added. Now all programs in the archives through the BlackJack games have them.


The Join page has been re-opened. People who wish to become a member of the TI-86 World/Parasoft Productions staff as a programmer, reviewer, or porter may do so now. The BASIC Games archives has been split into five different pages due to the large number of them. I am also repeating my old call (which nobody responded to): I am asking all BASIC programmers who are willing to share the source code of their programs in the form of a *.txt file to send them to ti86world@fnusa.com. These files will be posted in the "Text Files" section of the program archives so that people without Graph-Links (and people who want to learn BASIC) will have an easy way to copy programs manually to their calculators.


Updated 20 Blocks and added many more descriptions and screenshots.


I added 10 more programs to the BASIC Games Archive, and I took more screenshots.


Updated the Parasoft Productions page, including the Nova Quest screenshots. It is coming along pretty well, and I have conjured up an ingenious(?) solution to my collision detection problems. I'll hopefully make the due date (9/13/01) :). Any questions or comments on my projects may be sent to me at andrewmatta@ti86world.cjb.net. I would really appreciate feedback; absolutely NO ONE has ever given me any during the 2.5 years since I established this site!

Special thanks to Per Argentine and Travis Larchuk for their drawings of enemies!
That's right Per, you're famous ;)


I have begun adding screenshots to the programs currently in the archives. Click on a still screenshot to have an animated one displayed in the small frame in the upper left corner of this page.


Added 30 programs to the BASIC Games archive.


Super Math Quiz v.3.0 has been released on schedule. It comes in three versions (All in the same zip file): Lite, Standard, and Deluxe. Grab it from the Parasoft Productions page!


Finished most of the B's (That includes 10 different BlackJack games!) in the program archives. For now, visit www.ticalc.org for downloads. I'm getting mine from them anyway ;). The downloads in my archive start faster than theirs most of the time, however.


I fixed the frame. Sorry, I didn't notice it was messed up. Anyway, the first 10 or so of the Basic games are up in the archives.


The frames have been improved (?), and the program archives should be up sometime this weekend.


Important: For all you BASIC programmers out there, I have begun a section in the archives called "Text Files" which will contain BASIC source code so that people without link cables can easily, manually copy the programs to their calculators. If you have created a program and do not mind having its source on this page, please E-Mail me. I and those without link cables will be grateful. Thanks.


I really messed up on the "Parasoft Productions" project :] Sorry to those of you who filled out the form and never got a reply. I have temporarily taken down the join page so that I may attempt to fix everything. Anyway, I am currently working on the archives. I have reset the "What's New" section, and updated the Links Archive. I have also finished two "chapters" of my BASIC programming page (They are not up yet, however).