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DBZ/GT Fight Quest

"Choose from 13 dif. warriors & fight against Raditz, Saiba-Men, Nappa, Ginyu, Frieza, Garlic Jr, Androids 17-20, Cell Jr's, Cell, Brolli, Majin Boo, Bebi, Super 17, Li Shenron, & THE IMMORTAL SUPER SAIYA-JIN 7". Project headed by William White.

TI-86 ~ [ Beta Release (12/5/01) | v.1.0 (1/2/01) ]

A short game of Fight Quest

BasiChess is a small BASIC chess game; so far you can play games, but there is not any error checking. If it runs fast enough, I will try to add it. If anyone out there knows a quick way of checking to see if a move is valid, please tell me ;) Project headed by Andrew Matta, along with Per Argentine.

TI-83+ ~ [ v.1.0 (11/8/01) ]

The board after a few moves Here's a glimpse of this great game

Rage will be an ASM game in wich you play Vegeta and must destroy Goku. Project headed by William White.

TI-86 ~ [ Beta Release (11/5/01) ]

Rage Title Screen

Welcome to The GameShow! The number in the upper right hand corner is your score... Let's Get Started! Choose from one of five categories - Comics, Movies, Prince Valient, Three Stooges, Wheel of Time - and WINwinWIN! Project headed by Per Argentine.

TI-83+ ~ [ v.3.0 (4/18/01) ]


Super Math Quiz

Super Math Quiz lets you quickly and easily quiz yourself on any +,-,* and / problems. It is customizable to fit your needs. Version 3.0 will be released by 3/1/01. Project headed by Andrew Matta.

TI-86 ~ [ v.1.0 (12/5/99) | v.1.1 (12/25/99) | v.2.0 (3/25/00) | v.3.0 (3/1/01) ]

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