The Rogue's
TI-86 BASIC Tutorial
Chapter 7: Other Commands

Graphing Commands: These commands are to be used when drawing on the graph screen for games, or when graphing in a math program.
AxesOn / AxesOff These turn the x-y axes on and off. For games using the graph screen, be sure to remove the axes before begining gameplay. It is a good idea to turn the axes back on just before the program exits so that users can graph without having to change their settings.
CoordOn / CoordOff These turn the coordinates that are displayed at the bottom of the graph screen while tracing graphs on and off.
Misc. Commands: These are useful commands that don't fit in any other category.

"ClrEnt" will clear all of the entries on the calculator (Except for the most recent one), meaning that the history of entries (Accessible by pressing [2ND] [ENTER] repeatedly) is deleted.

If you understand everything on this page, you are ready for Chapter 8: Advanced Commands.

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