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Note: So far, only the TI-86 BASIC Games page and the Text Programs page have content.

TI-86 Assembly Files TI-86 BASIC Files Computer Utilities
Text Version of BASIC Programs

About the Above Program Types:
Assembly (ASM): ASM programs are usually smaller, faster, and more efficient than BASIC programs. Unfortunately, though, they may cause your calculator to crash and therefore wipe your memory if there are bugs in the code. Also, ASM programs cannot be copied by hand onto your calculator as can BASIC ones.
BASIC: BASIC programs are made in the TI-86's built-in language. They tend to be larger and slower than ASM programs, but they never crash your calculator. The worst thing that they can do is give you an error. BASIC programs may also be copied by hand into your calculator while ASM programs cannot.
Computer Utilities: This section contains software for your computer. That includes linking programs that send to and recieve programs from your calculator, on-computer level editors, and on-computer programming utilities.
Text Files: These text files contain a program's code. You open them in Notepad (Or any plain-text editor) and manually copy the contents onto your calculator. These listings are for you unfortunate souls without graph-links.