Mt. Lebanon High School
Photography Club

Meetings Schedule

ThursdayOct. 113:05-5:00Print Making
ThursdayOct. 183:05-5:00Open Lab
ThursdayOct. 253:05-5:00Open Lab
ThursdayNov. 013:05-5:00Open Lab
ThursdayNov. 083:05-5:00Special Techniques
ThursdayNov. 153:05-5:00Composition
ThursdayDec. 063:05-5:00Digital Photography
ThursdayDec. 133:05-5:00Digital Photography
ThursdayDec. 203:05-5:00Digital Photography
ThursdayJan. 033:05-5:00Open Lab
ThursdayJan. 106:45-9:00Curriculum Night
ThursdayJan. 173:05-5:00Open Lab
ThursdayJan. 313:05-5:00Open Lab
ThursdayFeb. 073:05-5:00Open Lab
ThursdayFeb. 143:05-5:00Open Lab
ThursdayFeb. 213:05-5:00Open Lab
ThursdayFeb. 283:05-5:00Open Lab

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