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Page was last updated on 1/22/02

Welcome to our Home Page! If you are new to photography, check out our Photography Guide. If you attend Mt. Lebanon High School and wish to join us, read About the Club. Choose Contact Us if you have any questions. Enjoy your visit!

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     So, you want to take a picture? There's more to it than pointing a camera at something and pushing a button. Learn how to compose and capture excellent pictures using both manual and automatic cameras, then develop your photos during the next meeting. Each week you can learn something new. Teach other members new techniques you've discovered, and learn some of theirs. Receive special instructions on operating your own camera, or borrow all of the equipment that you'll need. We occasionally take field trips, and members recieve information on upcoming contests. In the photography club, you will have fun while learning and teaching others to take better pictures that you'll want to keep for many years to come.

     Photography exists as an element present in every aspect of our lives. For anyone interested in taking pictures, the photography club provides free film, lets you borrow any equipment you need, teaches you to develop the film yourself, and offers lessons on how to operate digital, manual, and automatic cameras. If interested, come to the graphics arts lab and learn more. Take advantage of the club's facilities, and seize the opportunity to enjoy yourself while producing fun and beautiful photographs. If you attend Mt. Lebanon High School, click "Contact Us" to learn how to join. Sign up today!

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