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What's New:


This site is under new management, though i still completely respect Andrew Matta...This is William White. Ti86world will now be a branch of Really Bored Productions II. This is just a small update.


It's been a while, but I'm finally back! I haven't forgotten about the site, and I'll have more time to work on it during the summer. For now, try for program downloads.


Finally, another update! Chapter 2 of the BASIC tutorial has been updated, and a link to a sample program has been added. Check it out by clicking the programming tab in the left frame.


There have been many updates to the TI-86 BASIC tutorial, including a new chapter called "Graphics" The Tips and Tricks Chapter has also been uploaded. Click the Programming tab on the left to check it out.


DragonBall Z/GT Fight Quest has been updated, and may be found on the Parasoft Productions page.


Added DragonBall Z/GT Fight Quest by William White to the Parasoft Productions page.


Added descriptions, ratings, and screenshots to seven more programs. Rage has also been updated again.


Today I added BasiChess to the Parasoft Productions page; it is the first version of a BASIC chess program that I have been working on for some time along with Per Argentine. Please stop by, check out the screenshots, and download a copy (It's for the 83+, but will be ported to all other TI calcs as soon as it's finished). I also fixed the download link to Rage, as it was set to download the Gameshow instead ;)


I am continuing work on "The Rogue's TI-86 BASIC Tutorial" (Click the "BASIC" button on the left). Chapter 2: Input/Output has been updated to include the "ClDrw" command and more information on the "Input" command. Also, William White has a new homepage and has released a beta version of his ASM game, "Rage". Find out more, and download the game from the Parasoft webpage.


Someone suggested that I have a Graph Link section so that people without them can copy games to their calculator manually. I already have a section on this, it just wasn't obvious enough. Click the FAQ tab on the left frame and scroll down to the question "How do I copy programs manually"; then click the link for instructions.


The Hardware page is finally up! it does not have any unofficial upgrades yet, but it has some useful info ;)


OK, so it's been a while since I last updated. I have added more BASIC programs, and half of the #A-E section has screenshots. However, I will soon start on the ASM section because few people seem to like BASIC games :( By the way, my e-mail is down and hasn't been working for the past month.


I'm back, and I've updated the link to Travpad and removed the links to the TI-Store and the TI-Vault because they don't seem to exist anymore. Sorry, but the previous news item (below) never got uploaded before I left.


Summer vacation! Yay! This site probably won't be updated till mid/late August, as I'm off traveling without a laptop. I may be slower than usual at replying to e-mails and forms as well ;).

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